Monday, December 6, 2010

Ali Kazma

He was born in 1971 in İstanbul. He is a video artist works with the concept of contemporary art.

His works is about different people and groups life. The videos are about the meaning of labour.

economy,people' s productions and inspirations.He focuses on the social organization ask

question about it. The things make him an artist I think looking and defining very detail.

We see many things like that but we just see we don't look.He shows us everyday details

and sometimes critisize it. He looks to thr people in their natural environment. His artistic

approachment is how can I make more deep to this topic and bring a new layer of it. He

discipline himself like writing daily newspaper.And his works on the Arter was really

interesting.He focuses on routine life. The man who uses seal is very fast and like a machine.

I think He inspired from Charlie Chaplin Modern Times.The objects in the video always in a

movement. İt makes confused to our perception .Altough there are a lot of monitor we can

feelthe routine.İt is a very critical artistic work.

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