Friday, December 3, 2010

Arter Homework

LAB CREATED (The Color Of My Eyes)

First of all ,if we need to talk about the piece of art there's nine lab tubes in different colours.The

artist could associate nine different coloured tubes with human eyes .Nine different eye colour

could tell us about nine different lifes.The artist named his art as”the colour of my eyes”.On the

other hand the desire of having nine different eye colour might tell us that maybe he or he lives

in a different types of moods .It might tell us that having different eye colours emphasizes us

different perspectives of life.The use of colour in lab tubes may tell us that world which he

live in.The tones of the colours from the light to dark might tell us about different life

conditions.The colours of the luquids that the tubes have are different but the amount is the

same that means that he wants an equal world for everybody.Nine different colours in nine

different tubes tell us he might have good or bad things passed throught from him .

Mehmet Doruk Sağlam

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