Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ali Kazma

Elif Erdemir

Ali Kazma

     His first name is Ömer, he was born in 1971 in Istanbul. He was studied some different department about art. One of them is “photography” in London. He is very  creative, talented, intelligent and handsome artist. He has signed lots work. There are videos, phototos, etc. He had 32 video in 2004. Eg: brain surgery, Icelandic dancer.  He published videos in public space (Fırat büfe in Taksim) about mechanical human like notary/ notary worker. We can call that work “multichannel”.
    He give lecture in Bilgi University also he has a production company in Istanbul. Company name is “nnaCo”.

His popular video/documentary: Eski Açık Sarı Desene (for galatasaray)

His Some works exhibited in a gallery (ArtEr) 

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