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Jean-Paul Riopelle

Art Informel (1940s - 1950s)
After WWII painters contemplated the legacy of geometric abstraction characterized in the early 20th century developments (through Cubism, Futurism, Suprematism, Constructivism and De Stijl). Experienced after the second world war, poverty and despair, out of the reality of this situation, painters touch the thought of a load and a cold light. And then De Stijl and the geometric abstractions clarity and functionality than other proponents of the new generation of artists was significant pontaneity and originality.
This reaction is a new style of painting was born but it is completely abstract, intellectual methodology did not rely on it. This situation is the result of the artist's emotional and physical engagement. The unofficial term art (in French formless art) is the first in 1950 by the French critic Michael Tapie, Jean Dubuffet, WOLS, Willem de Kooning, Jean Fautrier and Alberto Burr such as, a number of famous artists used to describe the work. Abstraction was a description should be developed further is also seen as a radical break with Modernism, and the right thing is completely 'other'.
Informal artist, to have full control over the processes of artistic work, were not interested in trying to get at any cost. Stressed that the freedom of improvisation and form of irrationality. He wanted, "rebel" tools and paints, accident and has the ability to produce something unexpected. And that no matter what happens "made good" works of traditional art in a "prison" tried to escape.
Lyrical abstraction movement close to contemporary and informal approach to art. Some European abstract artists, perpetrators were associated with movements. Abstract Expressionism in America - the other side of the Atlantic, synonymy, and innovation with a similar gesture.

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