Monday, October 18, 2010

GÜÇLÜ ÖZTEKİN ‘’Kaplankadilak- Pis bir adamdı ama ellerini iyi yıkardı’’

Rampa at the exhibition between 18 September-23 October. Güçlü Öztekin, the fourth solo exhibition and exhibition of the second feature is the Rampa. The artist works on paper, acrylic or mixed technique reveals the gallery offers the viewer through the procedure again. According to the artist, the works exhibited in the raw state. The exhibition brought together works for all re-processing them must attain an effect.The artist uses paper as a material. on walls applying force applied on the paper highlights the venue location.


1- Study on the use of outdoor space, or does it mean?

2-Why use paper as a material?And how just by using paper works as good as it can be shown?

3-Why use the galleries as a workspace? Or why the work of the gallery?


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