Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nouveau Realisme

Elif Erdemir

                                                          Nouveau Realisme (New Realism)

     Nouveau Realisme is an art movement. It was founded by a few group the artist in 1960. Yves Klein and Pierre Restany are first founders of this movement. If we look at the shortly beginning of this art; “Pierre Restany wrote the original manifesto for the group, titled the "Constitutive Declaration of New Realism” in April 1960, proclaiming, "Nouveau Réalisme-new ways of perceiving the real.” (wikipedia,2010) This is an important point. Because “new ways of perceiving the real” is an explanation of “nouveau réalisme”. These artists did not established a definitive theory. Instead of creating a solid theory, these artists wanted to contribute individuality and sensivity to the scene.

     New Realism acknowledges the importance of the contemporary world and they are trying to get into this idea in creative action. In short we can say that Nouveau Réalisme’s actions is about “the existence”. Of course this is the most comprehensive meaning. 

     Finally, ‘descriptions of the world’ is not important because the world itself has been an area of  artist’s.

     According to wikipedia “Contemporaries of American Pop Art, and often conceived as its transposition in France, New Realism was, along with Fluxus and other groups, one of the numerous tendencies of the avant-garde in the 1960s. It was dissolved in 1970.” (wikipedia 2010)

Founding members:
*François Dufrene
*Raymond Hains
*Martial Raysse
*Daniel Spoerri
*Jean Tinguely

Other Artists:
*Mimmo Rotella
*Niki de Saint-Phalle
This is like a chart of New Realism:

Yves Klein (1929-1962) Frenc Artist.
Pierre Restany (1930-2003) Frenc art critic and cultural philosopher.

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