Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kitchen Sink School

A group of English social realist painters working in the mid-1950s. This name was (kitchen sink school) found from an article by David Sylvester and the school consisted primarily of John Bratby (1928-1992), Derrick Greaves ( 1927 - ) , Edward Middleditch ( 1923-1987 ), and Jack Smith (1928- ) who focused their work deliberately on the unglamorous. This painters be with and exhibited with each other but they not share a common idea. John Bratby was a leading member of the ‘Kitchen Sink School’, an expressionist group of the 1950s. Their work represents a separator but brief reaction against the elitism of abstraction and Neo-Romanticism in favour of figurative social realism , a reaction that found it’s most scorcher in the article of the Marxist critic John Berger.

(example from the kitchen sink school of art car design)



Bugra Yılmaz


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