Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CoBrA (avant-garde)

In this essay I will talk about CoBrA avant-garde movement.Firstly I explain what is CoBrA where its started and the artists in this avant-garde steam.After that I will continue with mechanic of of this movement, what is their painting methods how they using colors and figures.Lastly I will talk about the artist that CoBrA was inspired.

CoBrA is a avant-garde movement who is formed by Duch group Reflex, Danish group Host and Belgian group Revolutionary Surrealist Group.This avant-garde movement was active from 1949 to1952.Name was counted 1948 by Christian Dotremont from the initials of the members hometowns Copenhagen (Co) Brussels (Br) Amsterdam (A).

When I first look at a CoBrA painting, to play by play CoBrA paintings are nearly a child drawing against a Ronesans painting.But after I learn more about avant-garde movement I understand better about this paintings.First of all colors in the painting are great they use colors more then ''color''.The primary focus of the group is semi-abstract paintings with this brilliant color, sloppy brushwork.Figures are distorted nearly they are out of their shape, in some painting I can hardly understand what the shape is but thats what the artist wants about figures and color in this works.

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