Sunday, October 10, 2010

                                     Situationist International

Guy Debord's situationist movement begins with a report prepared in 1957. Futurism, dada, surrealism, letrizm, settling accounts with letrist enternasyonalle. CoBra, Imib and several small nuclear europe art of avant-garde group, such as an agreement to install a common platformada.
15-year-long adventure Situationists, art, architecture, urbanism, politics, and visual culture, and to have been effective for today is.

Situationists, making traditional art objects, rather than the circumstances of the board, bringing the art of making the threat of an ordinary high-status commodity giving birth was considered to save commercialization. Pinot-Gallizio in this direction, new materials and techniques (spray gun, industrial paint, resin) with a length of 45 meters and the art market to benefit from the procedure,ignoring the enormous size of the meter sold tuallerle "industrial images" had done.

Destruction or degeneration, the Situationists in the eyes of another concept. The current art of changing the old ideas of ownership to question him are brought down, rather than created new ones.


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