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Performance Art Tuğba Yılmaz


"Art perspectives, which came out in 1960’s and 1970’s, not only have been are action against formalism but also have presented alternative techniques and materials by interrogating former art’s acceptances and proposals. In this way, they have reshaped the role of artist and spectator and have expanded the definition of art and artwork. With interdisciplinary perspective, Performance Art, which is one of the these art perspectives, comprises other art areas like music, dance, poem, theater, video and takes part in today’s
art as living artist actions"
(Evren Polat's Thesis from Anadolu Unıversity) )

With the reproduction, uniqueness of art was destroyed. Some of concious artists
produce something new not to be formalist.So distinction of the art type has
started to dissappeared."This new viewpoint of art predict that completition of
an artwork by the audiences without any special talent or private function.
The Perfomance art is such a thing which combines the diciplinary, takes
advantages of materials and possibility without the rules and certain definitions."(goldberg,1988).
This kind of art benefits from the avangarde theatre. Performance
art doesn't only shown on the arena. İt is a street art. İts form is diffrent from
the avangarde theatre.İt sometimes requires regular pratics.But sometimes the
artists is performancind with improvisation. This shows the unconciousness of
the society according to their idea.They just don't use the theatre. They are also
using dance but this is not a classical dance type. İt is more post modern and

This new percipience of the art brings a new soul to the art. İn classic art
the audiences is the passive but in Performing arts the audiences is the part of
the art. The artists ,poets ,screenwriters ,dancers ,theatre players ,musicians,
and the audiences are all the performers.This perception breaks the cold saloon
atmosphere of the art. The art become more amusing and conscious.

" The perfomances actualize in a moment. As İt express the highest degree
of the life it is very close to the death.Neglect is a part of humans brain. And
the Performance art lives in audiences brain."(Germaner,1996,60)
So He means that although the performance repeat again it wont be the same
with the first one. So İt will always live in our memory with the uniqueness.
The performance art is against the traditional art perception.They prefer
momentary pressure.They don't mind what it is going to impress on people.
The aim is from confidental field to the public place combine the life wiht the art.
(Shiner,2004,402).Art goes out. Because it was alone on the saloon and gallery.

And Some of the Examples From Performance Art...
1) 1989 Behçet Safa :Kite project: They made 6 kite which is named Mr. Enviroment
Destroyer etc.. The artists designed the kites and give them to the public to fly.
They aim to make people more sensitive about the nature.

2)Yılmaz Aslantürk 1990:İn Zürih artist colored himself with red.He was uncovered.
And a lot of people walked with him on the street with the same type. The music and
dance was used.They tried to tell the estrangement of the genuine.


Performance art creates field which the makes artist independent and can be used
the other art area, reach to the people directly ,doesn't requires any gallery,
critics and independent from the art object, And the ınternet support their aim
in point of reaching.


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