Monday, November 1, 2010

Cartoon Character Analyze of Heidi

Heidi plays the role of a small and cute girl. She loses her father and mother at a young age so she start to live her grandfather but he is a old and moody man. Heidi is a so warm-hearted and in this way, her grandfather become a love of full man owing to Heidi. She has got a sheepman friend and her friend name is Peter. Heidi is a determined girl because she go to grass sheeps with Peter everyday. Her aunt returns threeyears later and Heidi must move to Frankfurt, Germany to be the friend Clara, a girl who is sick and cannot walk. Clara's grandmother encourages Heidi to learn to read and she also learns about god. Character of Heidi is a many cheerful thanks to that she provides to return Clara into the life. Later, when Heidi goes to the Alps, Clara visits her in the Alps and becomes strong enough to walk. Heidi represents organic agriculture and return to nature, because she and her grandfather prepares home-made foods everyday such as, bread. She grows naturally in an environment where everything so she has got a friendly personality. Finally, Heidi character tells village-life, helpful and goodness to all people.

(Manga, 2008)

(Wikipedia, 2010)

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