Monday, November 1, 2010

Snoopy (Bir yaşama uzmanı.)

Snoopy is a character who is older than my mother.First of all snoopy started as a weekly comic book(Peanuts).Creator of this comic book is Charles M. Schus who is past away in Feburary 12 2000.Peanut eun in over 2.600 newspapers with a readership of 355 million in 72 country.
To be honest snoop and charly brown is one person, Charlie Bown is a kid that has lack of self-confidence and unsuccesful most of the things that he did, like baseball he can't achive even one score another example is football when he plays football he even cant hit the ball.On the other hand Snoopy is a life expert and mostly he's shrug off situations and live he's own world.Snoopy is had a different point of view than Charlie Brown charly born look things more positively or at least he try to see positive ways of the situations.But Snoopy is thinking more like out of the box and this makes him more intresting.He sleeps over his doghouse, relationship with Snoopy and his doghouse is very intresting he uses his house like preaty much anaytihng, like a jet or like a bed or like a spaceship.
Drawings style of the snoopy is something intresting too there is no perpective in the drawing.Drawings are simple and understandable.On the scene there are always 3-4 object not much than that, and characters always change roles or in other words they shifting roles.
Another intrest point for me in the Snoopy is that we can't see adult characters face and voice.
Lastly Snoopy is a chracter that says to me: ''Live your life with your own way, and forget about the rest.''.


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