Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In the mushroom village which is very far, in depth of the Forest, the blue little creatures who wear white trousers and caps on their heads and they are known as Smurfs. Every one of these Smurfs has a different capability and skill. They have built divisions of labour according to their capabilities. Let’s take in hand Grandfather Smurf; Grandfather Smurf is the leader of all Smurfs and their village. He is the protagonist (baş kahraman)of the cartoon of Smurfs. Grandfather Smurf is the indispensable for all Smurfs because of his being helpful and having compassionate character. In any bad situation, everybody in the village, asks for his advice. He finds solution for every problem and support the Smurfs.. He is the person providing the right, helping with their problems and difficulties. This leadership quality of Grandfather Smurf makes him superion than the other Smurfs. For example; If it is need to have an enchantment, everybody goes to him for help. Because he is very successful in making poition and elixir. He always develops himself. With his red clothes and white beard, he is different from the other Smurfs and distinguished easily. As being a calm and wise leader, Grandfather Smurf conciliated every bad happennings with his wisdom and embedded in our memory with his handling everything.
Grandfather Smurf in the Cartoon, has the message for the little ones, to underline being informed from early ages and being tactful to the elder with experience and the best way is to obey these experienced and wise elder people. It is known that actor Jeff Bridges records the sound for Grandfather Smurf who is the leader of the Smurf Village.

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