Monday, November 1, 2010


Cedric He is the main characater of this cartoon.He is blond and fell in love to Chen.
Chen: She is from China.And Cedric loves her
Mary Rose: She is Cedric's mother and also she has strict rules.
Robert: He is Cedric's father. Generally he doesn't have good relationship with his father in law.
Paul:He is Cedric's grandfather and mostly he understand Cedric.
Christian: He is Cedric's best friend and he always helps to Cedric
Nicolas: He is opponent to Cedric.Because he also fell in love to Chen
Bayan Nelly:Cedric's teacher

Kaligula:It is neighbours's dog  Cedric who is eight years old,and he tought his life too hard for him.The love most important thing for his life.Every night he wrote his diaries about daily experiances and also he listens his grandfathers.His most popular replic is that:'If you are eight years old and fell in love,the life is beautiful.'If we compare the social life,we can easily see that it seems like our life.Because of that this cartoon doesn't  have any age limit.It doesn't matter if you are 30 years old,you can also enjoy when you are watching this cartoon because of its issue.And it is funny to see  or look around the wiev of Cedric.His family also appropriate to Türkish family.But some channels which are show Cedric,can't get itchild's loveAnd they changed the replic,it's funny because in my opinion they think they can limit the feelings.They put 'having friend' in order to 'love'.  

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