Tuesday, November 23, 2010

make up smurfs


a) Synopsis

There is a small village which belongs to the smurfs. This small village 

has a perfect regularity at the cartoons.It was made by Peyo Culliforse.

Small,blue creatures names smurfs lives in the village.They are very

 primitive.They don't use any technologic things. They feed from the nature. 

They go to the forest and provide their sources from the nature.They are very 

happy in their village. They don't let any badness. Everyone had a different 

mission. There is a division  of labour.There is a father smurf who is the most 

experienced.Also there is a powerful smurf,a girl smurf,cooker smurf,tailor 

smurf, painter smurf..etc.. And there is an enemy named Gargamel. 

Gargamel aims to eat the smurf.All animation structure is the distinction 

between smurfs and Gargamel.


Father smurf

When we look at the father smurf ıt symbolize the wisdom. When the smurfs


has a problem the first smurf to be asked is father smurf.Father smurf wears

 a red hat. İt has got white beard.İt controls all the regularity of the village


He believes the equilibrium of all the smurfs.İt also advises to the other

 smurfs to be hog.Being hog will going to break the equality of the village

İt is not king or prince. İt doesn't emphasize the hierarchy of the village.


İnstead of that İt is the leader.İt never give up to develop himself although 

knows a lot of things.He solve the problems with good feelings.When a smurf

 made a mistake firstly he tries to tell the mistake fatherliness.Then He gives


a small punish which is benefit for the village. The punishment is not 

atrocious. Everything he made is for the benefit of the village including his 

magic.The hot which he wears is also the same with the Frigs hot. Frigs hot


Frigs hot was used in the French Revolution as a symbol of equilibrium and 



Some ways shows us it is the reflection of communism.Father Smurf 

is the leader.There is no throne or any capitalist symbol such as money

luxury house or special ownership.Although Father Smurf is the most 

advanced his house is the same with the others.The red hot symbolize 

the communism.Like the others also the Father smurfs works. They do 

everyhing help each other Father Smurf is too. One of the episode the smurf

with glasses anounced himself as a king.After that the public revolt against

 him. Father smurf comes again. And glasses smurfs apologize to the

 everybody. That shows their executing behavior





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