Monday, November 1, 2010

Lessien Twele

                                                          Lessien Tiwele                                                   

     This is a character of the warhammer. It is a female sorcerer like a witch    but there are differences between them. Lessien is a bad character.  This character is different from the other cartoon's characters because of the appearance. It such as real. It has breasts and hips like a woman. Also she has the special (and hot) clothes. This clothes have some special meaning. For example the belt gives some power, magic wand provide make to magic and the mask gives healty for Lessien. She has enemies, and this enemies could be own currency or could not be like a goblins. Lessien have to develop her weapons and clothes. If she does not that she may die. We have not information about her family. Lessien is alone. Lessien Tiwele have to fight to save her country. 

Elif Erdemir.

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