Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Character Analyze- CEDRIC


He is eight years old and blond. He is short and adorable. He wears normal clothes. He is shy and, his cheeks are always blushing. Cedric gets angry quickly. He loves playing games and he loves spending his time with friends. He has some school problems and he does not like studying. 

Cedric has a happy family and he lives with mother, father and grandfather. Cedric's mother Maryrose is too prescriptive. Cedric's father is always tired because he works a lot. He can not negotiate very well with his family. Cedric thinks that his family does not understand him. Cedric's grandfather is eighty years old. His grandfather is the most considerate person for him. He takes each issue andd ideas to share with him. 

Cedric has fallen Chen since the first time he saw. Chen is very important for Cedric. He does every thing for Chen. He is so jealous, especially to his only enemy Nicolas.Cedric wears pyjamas at midnight and shares everything happened in a day with his diary. He thinks Chen everynight and dream of marriying her. He thinks that life is beautiful.

This cartoon reflects the structure of today's family. Events and characters are realistic in the cartoon. For example; breakfast is done, what parents said are important etc.. It's a cartoon that watched by all ages from all ages.

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